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  • Psychotherapist

    Is a professional who possesses education on the graduate level and obtained advanced training in psychotherapy from one of the chosen schools of psychotherapy.

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About Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy assists in life transformation by healing emotional pain and recognizing cognitive, behavioral and interaction patterns that may contribute to dissatisfaction experienced in various areas of life. Desirable change occurs as a result of a process during which clients gain insight, obtain knowledge, develop more productive and new strategies that contribute to healing and growing of themselves and relationships.

A joint creation of a unique relationship between a client and a psychotherapist provides an atmosphere full of warmth and safety in which the client’s needs are recognized, discovered and nurtured.  Thanks to the experience of acceptance and understanding the client realizes the nature of emotional conflicts. And, through working together the client discovers their own potential to solve them and achieve the desired life transformation.

The best modality of work is selected according to the nature of the presented problems and the client’s life context and it may consist of Individual, Group, Couple and Family Therapy in a combination that best suits the needs of the individual client.

Psychotherapy is not just a method of treatment for mental and emotional difficulties, but also is a way of finding the best path for personal development. Since people come to therapy because they desire a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them, this is one of the most beautiful forms of taking care of themselves and one of the most beautiful gifts from them to their loved ones.

Do you know that?

  • Hypnotherapist

    Is a health professional trained in utilizing hypnosis as a form of therapeutic intervention. Hypnotherapists combine the power of hypnosis and hypnotic inductions with a deeper therapeutic understanding of the complexity of a client’s problems to make a permanent change in their lives.