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  • Psychologist

    Is a professional whose advanced degree is in psychology and is qualified to provide psychological services such as: comprehensive psychological evaluation and psychological diagnosis. Many psychologists have two roles, teaching and research.

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Have you ever experienced being in psychotherapy?



Making the decision to seek help and acting on it is a positive step. At my office I’ve created a safe place where clients can feel comfortable to speak openly without fear of judgment. Conversations between me and my clients are always held in strict confidence. Because I am independent of managed care, the course of therapy is always determined by the client and therapist, not by an insurance company or other third party. When you work with me, your private records are never transmitted outside of my offices unless you specifically request that I do so. Participation in therapy is never disclosed unless the client explicitly requests it in writing. As my client, you can feel confident that your privacy and confidentiality will be respected and safeguarded.


I am committed to privacy and confidentiality. I provide a personal service and work out of network, independent of managed care. This allows me to guarantee the confidentiality of all consultations and records. I do not email or electronically transmit any of our records. As my client, no one will be informed about your participation in therapy unless you specifically request it in writing. I report to no one but you.

Do you know that?

  • Psychotherapist

    Is a professional who possesses education on the graduate level and obtained advanced training in psychotherapy from one of the chosen schools of psychotherapy.